Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Santa Kerry

Thoughts paying taxes through the week are on giving it away.
As our Secretary of State John Kerry turns out to be an incredibly generous man, unfortunately it is with our tax money.
He jets around the world in first class style, using our tax money, wining and dining leaders of foreign countries who care nothing for the US. They know us as the stupid western country who is willing to throw money to countries that are in total disarray, understanding only the elite of the country will pocket or benefit from the free millions Kerry will dump on their doorstep.
A few, and these are just a few, examples of giving hundreds of millions of dollars to each country are Palestine, Syria, Egypt, and Ukraine. Maybe I am simply a pessimist and the money will find it's way into situations where it can actually help the average citizen there. I do not think anyone in the world is dumb enough to believe that last statement.
Hence, I have bestowed the name Santa Kerry on our Secretary of State because he flies around the world giving, our, money to every spot on the globe he happens to land, similar to Santa Clause and his packages. The only difference is no matter how bad the countries act they do not get lumps of coal, because our government is killing that industry but that is a blog for another day, instead they are given free money, our money, and lots of it.
Sadly the majority of our citizens cannot afford the new affordable health care insurance, many seniors cannot afford their medicines, our country's infrastructure is crumbling beneath our feet, yet we give money to countries who's only interest in us is, our free money.
So the thought today is imagine how much good, these millions could do, for own people if we only had the sense to ground Santa Kerry.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Thoughts starting the week pulling up my socks are on garters.
Garters have been around a long time, in the eighteenth century they were simply pieces of cloth tied just below the knee or a piece of leather with some lace attached in order to tie the ends together. Garters as they progressed and synthetic materials were invented became elastic, most of these garters were essentially round and decorated with lace and sometimes hanging adornments.
The garter belt and suspender straps came along later as manufacturing processes ramped up. This is the classic lingerie look that most of us know today, meant to wear under cloths, it has become the embodiment of an elegant sexual look when worn without cloths.
This subject crossed my mind today, garters that is, when I overheard a person mention sock garters. Some people today will not have a clue what these were even though the name says it all, they will not have seen them unless they happened to watch an older movie. The ones I am talking about were used by men to hold up their socks. In the early days of men's socks it was the chronic problem of socks working their way down to the ankle as elasticity was in its infancy and not very good. This was not something I had thought about in a long time and it brought back some pretty comical images. Surprisingly these sock garters, for men, are still for sale today.
So the thought today is these sock garters for men are, definitely, not like the garters, or garter belts, for women and if a man has any hopes of looking sexy he probably does not need to be seen, by anyone, while wearing them.      

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A Different Mindset

Thoughts as we do some heavy lifting midweek are on small cars.
Once upon a time, I have always wanted to use that beginning, when my friends and I were much younger we would go on extended baseball trips. We would pile into an RV and visit six or seven major league baseball parks across the country in eight or nine days. One might already imagine drunken nights and days as we wandered across the Us, and you would be wrong. That type of trip requires quite a bit of planning and several clear heads to wheel around a forty foot motor home on small unfamiliar city streets before and after games.
One night we were in Detroit, the old stadium, and a parking lot attendant directed us into a spot, as we told him we would be leaving immediately after the game, do not park anyone in front of us. This particular night they were having fireworks, after the game, and we were not hanging around to see them because we had a long drive to the next city and needed to move on. Well, as you can imagine they did, in fact, part a small car in front of us. The people did not come out of the stadium after the game as they were certainly staying to see the fireworks. It became obvious we were not going to get our head start out of town, or maybe we would. I do not get mad, in situations like this, I look for solutions, as I walked around the small car I realized there were enough of us that we could, indeed, move the car out of our way. We did, lifting each end, of the small car, one at a time walking it over into the empty parking spot that was beside it.
Off we went, driving into the night wondering if the people would even realize the car was, now, in a different parking spot.
This is where the different mindset comes in, we at no time thought of simply rolling the small car over onto it's roof, thus getting it out of our way. That would have been a lot less strenuous, than how we did move it, but it never crossed our minds. We did not know if the attendant told them to park there or if they arrived late and pulled in wherever their vehicle would fit, none of this made any difference. We simply did not think of ever damaging someone's vehicle.
I have read, the recent stories, about people tipping these smart cars, in San Francisco, for what seems to be nothing more than something they, probably, see as funny but is, in reality, meanness and lack of respect for someone's property.
I have no idea who is tipping these smart cars, they could be young, they could be older, this is not the issue. The issue is we, as a country, seem to be going down the path of a lack of respect for anything that does belong to us. This at one time was a criminal mindset but it is now becoming a common one for the general public. The tipping is one manifestation of many others showing a decline in the moral character of the US, a trend I do not see slowing down
anytime soon.
So the thought today is I do not have anymore time to think about this, smart car tipping, because with a different mindset, today, I have to get back to Connecticut and help burn down the neighborhood in celebration of some collegiate sports championships. What fun?

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

But That Is Not The Story

Thoughts looking around as the week starts is on being lost.
A story made all of the news sources, online and in the media, last month about a woman joining a search party, and it turns out, she was looking for herself.
But that is not the story.
This happened in Iceland in the area of Eldja Canyon. The woman was on a group tour busing around to different sites. The bus stopped, this day, and she decided to go freshen up with a change of cloths and this is where the trouble began.
But that is not the story.
This is the point at which we begin to question everyone involved, the other tourists, their group leader, and the driver. It seems when she returned no one recognized her and began asking about the other woman who got off the bus, all of this questioning and discussion was also unbeknownst to her. Maybe she was listening to something through some ear buds and missed the whole thing, but off the bus everybody went searching for her.
But that is not the story.
Eventually the authorities were called in and a helicopter was involved. While all of this was going on, yes indeed, the woman who all were looking for was a part of the search party. She had joined in a search party looking for herself.
But that is not the story.
Here is the story.
Almost all of the news sources failed to note the fact that this story was from 2012, they reported it in mass as if it had happened a few days ago. Simply recycling a story on a slow news day for some entertaining filler. What was shocking to me, and it really should not have been, was the incredible number of sources who picked this up and ran with it as if it was a current story. When I first read the story I began trying to verify that it was a true story in the first place, as I dug deeper I discovered it does appear to be true just not current.
The woman, did, eventually figure out she was the one everyone was looking for about two or three in the morning, after a lot of effort by a lot of people.
So the thought today is I can remember when journalist and writers researched and verified their stories before putting them before the public but, today, that is not the story.    

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Pathetic Twitter Apology

Thoughts of self importance limping through the week are on tweeting.
I fully understand what Twitter is but I also understand ninety-nine percent of the people who use it do not. Twitter has become a useful tool for news outlets and sports reporters. They comb through the tweets connecting with anyone and everyone in hope of getting that special piece of news, no one else recognizes as special, or getting an instant update from someone, in the know, so they can be the first to report it.
The athletes, celebrities, and "beautiful people" use it because, after all, they know their fans are hanging on every bit of information they can possibly tweet out. Just sneezed, it was a good one, I know my fans will want to know that important piece of information, I could have used a much uglier example but I went with sneezed instead. This is narcissism in the purest form.
We now move on to the politicians, they say it is a way to keep in touch with their constituency. I am still leaning toward the narcissism angle.
If you do not have enough followers, to make a fool of yourself for, do not fear because your people can buy, that is right you can buy bulk numbers of followers, to make you feel special. If your people are good you will never know this has happened and, you will continue to bask in the glow of all of your admiring followers.
After saying all of this here is the problem. A lot, not all, but a lot, of the members of the above mentioned groups are some of the dumbest people in our society who will tweet out the first, often incredibly stupid, thought that comes to their minuscule minds. The fall out from this is their people or the media realizing what they have tweeted and how, in many cases, inappropriate the tweet was. The first step, delete that tweet, NOW, oh but all of my "loyal" followers have already seen it. Once tweeted you can delete it but your stupidity has already been put out there for all to see. The second step, get an apology tweeted as fast as possible, in this case any thought, you might have, will only make things worse so it is probably better to let your people handle it.
So the thought today is if you are caught up in this predicament and have to issue the pathetic apology tweet, I hope you have good people because, if you truly have followers, they already know what you are.