Thursday, September 11, 2014

Business Is Too Fast For College

Thoughts talking with my college graduate niece are on professors.
As my niece began working in the real business world she was quick to realize something I have known for a long time. The majority of college professors who teach business courses have some major drawbacks, a few examples.
They have never owned or run a business.
They have never managed a business.
They have never hired, fired, or managed employees.
They have never had to do the massive amount hidden items in order for a business to function. ( taxes, insurances, leases, supplies, I could go on for days with this list alone)
They have never sold a product.
They have never, and this is the most important one, had to make a payroll.
Should every professor have a business background, that is probably not realistic for me to require but, with the cost of education today, these people should, at the very least, try to keep in touch with the real business world. They seem to keep these teaching positions no matter how long they have been out of the business world, if they were there at all. Besides no one knows how out of touch these professors really are, that is until the kids graduate into the real business world and find out just about everything they learned, beyond basic math, was phased out five to ten years ago. This is when the real education begins.
The ever changing, and updating, computer programs and the speed with which technology drives the business world today is mind boggling, so it may be too much to ask for the professors to keep up with every change. I know some professors are better than others but the problem is, truly, not the professors but simply business has become too fast for college.
This also applies to politicians. We have had several years now of academia based people running this country people with absolutely no business experience whatsoever, the President and all of his advisers, and they have proven to be incredibly inept. Completely out of touch with any knowledge of how to create a climate where businesses can grow and have the opportunity, and the need, to hire more employees.
So the thought today is knowledge, whether from a university or work experience, is a good thing but for the student, or parent, who is paying the high price to attend a university, they should be getting more for their money.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Walking And Talking

Thoughts driving down the street are on people walking down the street.
During the work day from time to time I am on the delivery trail. I work and deliver in, mostly, a warehousing city, there a few manufacturing facilities but mostly storage and logistics businesses. The vast majority of the businesses I deliver to are located in, what we call, the cheap rent areas of the city and by association the poorer residential sections. This is true of most larger cities, it is simply cheaper to lease property in the poorer sections of town.
Making deliveries, and pickups, working my way through theses areas I have noticed a trend. People walking the streets, usually alone, and sometimes in the middle of nowhere, or purely commercial areas, almost always have a phone to their ear. It is no longer enough to only walk down the street it is deemed necessary to talk on a cell phone, or at least pretend to be talking, as you walk down the street alone. Most of the time the person is gesturing enough so people passing by in cars and trucks will have no doubt you are, indeed, connected. I cannot figure out if this is a status thing or a security practice, thinking if the person is on the phone other people will leave them alone. I truly do no know. I do know I rarely see anyone walking alone in these sections of the city anymore without a phone stuck to their ear, so much so it became quite noticeable.
So the thought today is the most surprising example, of something similar, was when I stopped at a light where, beside me, a homeless person was begging money, when his cell phone rang, and yes he answered it.  

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

No Reasons Just Excuses

Thoughts as instability grows are on no reason.
Looking back at history the majority of wars were fought for what is at the time considered a good reason, the reasons vary with the time. Some were fought for land, as in growing and expanding the empire, some were fought for revenge, others were fought for, or over, a particular religious belief.
As I have stated in past blogs, killing in the name of a religion is a bizarre concept to me, even as an atheist, religions are based on the fundamentals of good.
People who kill in the name of religion are, in fact, killing for no reason other than you and I are different. They claim to be cleansing the world of anyone who believes differently or does not practice and adhere to the religious laws as they they do, when they are, in reality, simply thugs with guns and a book of words they fit to any scenario they wish. It is an excuse to loot, rape, and kill while hiding behind a religion.
When religion is not reason enough there is always ethnic cleansing, which is certainly nothing new to any part of our world or our history, here again, someone is different. Short of protecting yourself, as a person or a country, from direct aggression there are never any real reasons, to kill someone different than ourselves, there are always just excuses. Sadly, as history has shown us, the human race seems to almost always find an excuse to kill each other and the future is showing us no reason to expect any changes anytime soon.
So the thought today is a disturbing one, in that, in order to protect oneself from any mentally psychotic person, or group, bent on killing for no reason, the only real solution is killing.        

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Find That Station

Thoughts as the radio plays through the day are on bygone practices.
There are endless outlets for music, in one's car, in this day and age as we drive down the road. You can bring music in on regular radio or satellite radio but those alone, even though they account for hundreds of stations and an infinite variety of music, are no longer the only options. There was also, in between the old radio and satellite radio various types of tapes and discs, that came and went, at the time these items were high tech.
Speaking of high tech, we thought we were high tech when we would put a folded piece of paper into one side of an eight track tape cartridge, forcing it to the other side so it would play better.
Little did we know what high tech could really become. We can now bring our portable devices along for the ride and hook them up to our cars, everything from iPods, to phones, to computers, again, allowing for massive options as to what we want to listen to.
This put an end to a practice from days past.
My friends and I would pull up to a red light and as we slowed down to a stop would notice the person, already stopped next to us, singing, and in general, really getting into the song they were listening to. This would always entice us to try and find the song on our radio because, at that time in history, there were a very, VERY, limited number of stations on the radio, and it was, in fact, possible to find the identical song. After all if they were enjoying the song that much we had to at the very least make an attempt to find it because it must have been a really good song, right? We had to try!
It is slightly depressing this is no longer possible.
So the thought today is I have a better chance of winning the lottery than to find the song someone beside me, at a light, is jamming to, and I do not buy lottery tickets.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Clown Hats

Thoughts as the August heat turns up are on covering your head.
For me, hats are for covering my mostly hairless head to protect it from the sun. I have never been a hat person, I only wear one when the weather makes it necessary. For some people hats are a way of life, some balding men would not be seen without one, as you can tell I have no concept of that philosophy, some people simply think they look better with them than without. The many styles and shapes, through the years, have taken on many different looks, mainly for this blog I am talking about the baseball type caps.
Flipping through the TV channels mindlessly, late night, I came across a celebrity/sports news show, and that word, news, is certainly used loosely. The newest style, seemingly the most popular, with what could be called the "in crowd" are these baseball style caps with these huge wide flat brims pulled slightly upward. I remember seeing these years ago in the circus worn, as you can guess, by clowns.
This is certainly not a good look for an adult in any line of work. When people began wearing caps with the bill turned backward I decided this made it very simple to tell who among us were a little slow, or at the very least quick to follow any trend no matter how bad, it was like a sign for all to see. But this new design, and these are usually worn with the large flat bill cocked to the side, either side, fashion stupidity has no rules to govern such things, is so bad it is comical. Clown hat comical.
So the thought today is I cannot wait until one of these big billed cap wearing people show up in front of some paparazzi, at an event somewhere, wearing the large long over sized clown shoes, along with the clown hat.