Thursday, December 18, 2014

What If

Thoughts as we see increasingly inhuman acts played out are on choices.
     What if we, the US, decided to create a singular religion in our country, say the USBS, The United States Belief System.
     What if every person bought into it and the USBS became, by law, the only religion practiced in this country.
     What if we decided this new USBS religion was, in fact, the only religion based in truth and worthy of blind faith.
     What if, this truth of, USBS was enforced with instant and absolute punishment to anyone who dare question the religious word.
     What if we, the US, then decided the entire world should, no, not should, must adhere to the only true religion of USBS.
     What if this was backed up with the entire arsenal and might, used without restraint or conscious, of the US and without political bickering because by order of religious law everyone, politicians included, would be of the same belief.
     What if the entire world must convert or die, those would be the only two choices.
     So the thought today is if this seems far fetched you have probably not heard about the Pakistani school children and the mental and moral lobotomy absolute religious belief and blind faith imposes on believers.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

High Def Hell No

Thoughts as some of us see daytime TV only over the holidays are on high def.
High definition television is quite amazing, and they say the next generation will be another giant leap forward in clarity. But, and this is a giant and laughable but. While glancing at some of the daytime shows, many of witch have young and older women host, I began to notice a trend. It seems this high definition thing is a little too high def for some of the women, who, do not want us to see every line or blemish on their bodies, so, in place of  layers of pancake makeup these shows have gone to filters.
People need blemishes, they make us distinctive.
The first time I saw this I thought there was something wrong with my TV. These filters are not subtle it looks as though the stage area has been bathed in a bright colored fog. Viewing this is strange enough, looking at the older women, but there is no differentiating, for the filter, for age, so the younger women also look blurry. I can hear the dialog between the women and the producers when they realized exactly what this high def was going to show, not no but, hell no, do something. So now we have the filters. They need to warn us, much like The Outer Limits did in the opening of each show when it aired, There is nothing wrong with your television set - Do not attempt to adjust the picture  -  We are controlling transmission.
If I can come up with an invention so older women could walk around in public looking like that, in place of surgical face-lifts, I bet I could make a fortune.
So what if everyone around you thinks they have blurred vision.
So the thought today is an older person seeing this for the first time might have thought they had the onset of some sort of intimidate cataract effect, it would have scared me!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Money From Morons

Thoughts suffering through product promotions are on fear and money.
Sometimes the television is playing in the background as I work around the house, often with the sound low or off all together, usually on a channel with weather or sports. Something not irritating to see as I pass through the room.
The other day, I have no idea what channel was showing this, a story about bullet proof backpacks caught my eye. These backpacks were for children. They had a removable shield in a pouch against the child's back and the usual openings for books and stuff. Part of the story told how the kids could take the pack off and hold it in front of them in the event they were confronted by a gunmen.
The newest of innovations for our ever increasingly violent world. A foot note to that last statement, our world, noted by several publications, is in one of the more less violent periods in world history. Yes, I know that sounds odd but it is true. The problem today is the, far, too many media sources are fixated on bringing you the latest in death and destruction the second it happens, even if it comes from half way around the world, they will make sure you see it.
This is producing a younger generation of incredibly paranoid people and parents. You have only to look at the massive number of gun and ammo sales that took place just before and after the President was elected, paranoia run amok.
The idea that remotely intelligent people could be scared into purchasing such a useless product, as these backpacks, says a lot about media and marketing and, sadly, how to make a money from morons using fear-mongering.
Your child is far more likely to be hurt, or die, while strapped in your automobile as you text and drive down the road unaware of the traffic around you because you HAVE to stay connected.
So the thought today is the people who buy these backpacks are probably the same idiots who ran out and bought gas masks during the height of the Iraqi war.

Monday, December 1, 2014

The Ferguson Blog Would Be Too Long

Thoughts as this story, like all before, will fade are on too much to say.
Those of you who read my blogs know I do not write pages and pages in order to convey my thoughts, getting bogged down in too many words, overblown descriptions, and multiple story lines is not what I do. But, on the Ferguson story, well, not just the story but the misunderstandings and misconceptions of race in general, I could write for days.
I will not.
Growing up in a city predominantly half black and half white during the very beginnings of school busing put me and people my age, who live it, in a unique position. Race, or the difference in race means nothing to me. I have experienced it all. We sat side by side in school, played on playgrounds together, go to functions together, live next to each other, still do. The majority of people in the US do not, let me say that again, the VAST majority of people DO NOT, and these are the people who have no clue about anything except what they see in the media. The unfortunate thing is most, who work for the media, have no first hand, day to day interactions living and working in a fifty fifty mixed race environment of any kind. Most of those people grew up, live and work in, what I like to call, white bread America. A report done on many of the news outlets last year discovered there is almost no diversity in their employee ranks yet they write and talk as if they know for a fact and understand everything involved with another race. If you have not lived intermingled lives with another race for decades, as I have, YOU DO NOT.
There are bad white people, there are bad black people, that statement is true with any other race anywhere in the world. People, cultures, behaviors are all different with limitless variables affecting who or what people become.
With the media constantly race baiting their reporting it is to the people's
credit that, what in reality are, isolated incidents stay as isolated as they do.
So the thought today is someday I may blog on race, or more appropriately, race as I see it, but the truth is, it is so complicated it would absolutely be a book, not a blog.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

The News Is Bad But I Want To Win

Thoughts as news flows from media outlets like diarrhea are on local news.
I watch couple of minutes of local news in the mornings to get a quick snap shot of the weather and the traffic conditions for the morning commute. I never watch it for the local news, I have no need to know how many deaths there have been overnight and how many different ways people can die. I doubt the local news, or their broadcast style, has changed in the last twenty years. It has been that long, no, maybe thirty years, since I watched it on a regular basis.
I simply do not understand the, If it bleeds it leads, mentality.
Having said the above, I have noticed a change in their strategy. Evidently there are now so many local news stations available, these days, they have turned into news/game shows.
When you hear the phrase, when you see the scroll, when we start the story about the third death, oh, sorry that last one was my idea, although I think it could be a quite effective one.
It is a very odd thing to see news anchors trying to be serious one minute and quickly turning into a smiling game show host the next. Imagine working for years to get into the TV news business, finally having some success, even if it is local, finally in front of the cameras having millions, well maybe not millions, of viewers but a lot of viewers take you seriously. Life is good. Then!
Management walks into a meeting one day and tells you starting Monday you are going to take the tenth caller and spin the big wheel of small prizes for caller to win and you better be animated and exude excitement when you do it.
And you were feeling so good about your career. It could always be worse, in some European and old Communist block countries you might be ask to strip, or be naked, while you report the news. Nudity while reporting on deaths, that concept is disturbing to me.
So the thought today is look on the bright side if, or when, your local news anchor job tanks you have already been through basic training, and have some experience, in game show hosting, sort of.