Thursday, March 26, 2015

A Noticeable Lack

Thoughts mindlessly wandering through the week are on the sightings.
Reading a few articles from NASA, the other day, it occurred to me we do not hear very much about alien sightings these days. Going a bit further with that thought, we do not hear much about Sasquatch, Bigfoot, or any of the Yeti type creatures either.
My take on this is really quite simple. The old joke, look there is a UFO, hurry, go get the worst camera in the house so we can take an incredibly bad snapshot for absolute proof of what we are seeing.
We have all seen the images, or video, they are all really really bad, or at best a bunch of flashing lights or blurred subjects.
And many people so want to believe in these things!
It is almost sad.
Now, fast forward to the real world of today. Everyone, or almost everyone, has a phone with a camera, some with surprisingly good cameras, almost nothing goes undocumented. You can cruise the internet for proof of that, if you can come up with a scenario or subject, chances are almost one hundred percent you can find it out there. Wait, we have not even talked about the dash cams.
These things are amazing they can catch a celestial piece of rock or ice slamming into our atmosphere, as it happens. You have amazingly better odds of winning Power Ball than you have catching a meteorite on your dash cam but people do it. Surprisingly often.
Now, here we are with a noticeable lack of sightings of aliens and monsters. I, personally, am waiting for a Bigfoot to get photographed by one of those battery operated cameras on a battery operated deer feeder, the hunters use. There it would be in high definition and in color, a real live Bigfoot eating corn out of a deer feeder.
So the thought today is we may never see that either because, maybe, Bigfoot does not like corn, but aliens might, there is always hope.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Do Not Jump With Poopy Pants (revisited)

Some of the newer readers, of this blog, have never read this one, I thought it worth re-blogging.

Thoughts to end the week are about the great nephew.
The great nephew, around three plus in age, is in the middle of potty training. His dad and I were with him in my backyard, he was playing with the dogs, throwing sticks, all kinds of fun stuff. We looked around to check on him because things had become a little quiet. He was in the corner of the yard looking down at something, or so we thought. A few minutes went by and the question was asked, in an upbeat manner, by his dad. Son, what are you doing over there? This brought the response every parent loves to hear. Nothing but I'm poopy and wet. My response, not dealing with small children everyday, was why are you poopy and wet when we have a bathroom in the house, we can come back out and play. His response was pretty good and sounded like some adults I know, he simply said "I don't know!".  
His dad was calm and collected and the response was, come on in and we will get you cleaned up. The young man proceed to work his way across the yard, feet wide spread, moving with a stiff movement, trying not to disturb already dirty pants. 
Then it happened, as he worked his way off the grass and onto the concrete patio he began, for reasons only a child would understand, a jumping motion from side to side while staying in the feet apart stiff body mode looking something like a bad Frankenstein imitation. As if that was not funny enough to me, already laughing almost uncontrollably, his dad calmly said "Son it's probably not a good idea to jump around with poopy pants".
At this point I am laughing so hard I can hardly walk. We managed to get him into the house and cleaned up with plenty of time left to play.
So the thought for today is, remember the wise words of my nephew because they may help not only children but possibly some of us as we get deep into the aging process because it's probably not a good idea to jump around with poopy pants!      

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

That Damn Tylenol Killer

Thoughts as my head hurts are on the Tylenol murders.
The other day I was struggling to get into my headache pain reliever because of the safety seal under the cap and I thought why the F*&# does this have to be so difficult. You see when I get a headache it is never a regular headache, it will always, without medication, turn into a migraine. Even though I almost never use bad language, when I am hurting the last thing I need to do is wrestle with a stubborn safety seal, thus the expletive above. As I worked at releasing my pill from the protective pouch, I began thinking how did we get to this that this process should be as difficult as it has become. It did not take long for my aching head to find the answer.
The Tylenol killer from the Chicago area back in the early 1980's is the single most responsible person for this ongoing aggravation. He would fill the capsules with potassium cyanide and seal them back in their original packaging so no one would know, yes he was a disturbed person to say the least as with most murders. Several men were questioned and one convicted of try to extort money from Johnson and Johnson in order to stop the killings but there was not enough evidence to convict him, or anyone else, of the murders. The investigation is, to this day, revived every once and a while but never with
any convictions.
So the thought today is if I could ever find the correct person, responsible for this crime, I would be happy to kill them myself for all of the years of aggravation trying to open these impossible to open bottles or packages.  

Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Thoughts deicing as the week moves on are on trying to understand.
On my way to work, to the right of the first stop sign I come to every morning, there is a yard that for years, on their flag pole, has always flown the American flag and below it a Confederate battle flag. I doubt the family living there has any idea the Confederate flag, they fly, is not the flag of the Confederate States of America, nor would they probably care.
Today the only people flying the Confederate battle flag are doing it for only one reason and that reason is to antagonize the population, aimed mainly at the black population, around them who pass by this flag. The family may try to give some obscure, out dated, bogus family history reason for flying this flag but in today's world there is simply no other truthful reason.
A few months ago I noticed the family working on a cement form not far from the flag pole and, as the days went by, they erected a large cross in their yard beside the flagpole. This was no hastily put together scrap wood cross/post, it was a well made painted wood cross set in a nice cement platform. They took their time and did a good job on it.
Puzzling, to me, is after seeing the finished product and guessing these must be some deeply religious people, to put an eight foot cross in their front yard, I am having trouble grasping their justification of what religion might be. Religion, any religion, should be based on doing the right thing, kindness, compassion, and understanding, I realize this has been completely bastardized in the world we now live in but those should be the basis of any religion. The family, flying this Confederate battle flag, know good and well half, or more, of the people living in our area are offended by this flag, yet they fly it. I am sure, if I were to ask them, and I have no intention of doing that, they would be able to justify it in some convoluted way. I pass by this flag and this cross everyday and it reminds me, everyday, people can always justify anything, no matter how right or how wrong something is, if it is something they have decided they want to do.
So the thought today is I guess this a part of human nature, albeit a very sad part.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

You Are Facing The Wrong Way

Thoughts as we try to dodge snowmagedan are on the beach.
Recently I was perusing beach websites looking for sun and bikini clad women. When I travel it is usually south to the Caribbean, or Gulf areas and occasionally making it to the west coast. You get the beach goers soaking up sun, watching and listening to the waves but, there was another practice I had not noticed until the other day. When people are around a pool they will generally move around the pool deck to get the best position to soak up the sun though usually still facing the pool, for better viewing, you understand. On the beaches I have visited, almost always, people face toward the water and the waves.
Well not long ago I stumbled upon a webcam based near Miami, the cam faced the Atlantic looking dead east. Looking at the cam, late one day, I saw something I have never witnessed or experienced on a beach before. The sunbathers were facing away from the waves to catch the late afternoon sun, some going so far as to build a shelter behind them completely blocking any view of the water.
I understand the reasoning, they were blocking the wind, but to face so completely away from the water is something I have never done and do not remember ever seeing. I have been on east coast beaches, in the New England area, but have never seen this. Is this a southern thing, I do not know. The only thing I do know, on this subject, is, it looks very odd. The thought of looking away from the surf and the horizon makes me want to say to people, you are facing the wrong way the beauty is behind you.
So the thought today is I guess people will do strange things, the young ones chasing a perfect tan and the old ones in search of that perfect beef jerky look, so who am I to say what direction they should face.