Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Time Does Slow Down

Thoughts grass mowing through the summer is on time.
I am not talking about the time I spend mowing or the time I spend outside every spring and summer, what I am referring to is what happens when time is altered.
One day I had returned from the gas station with fresh gas for the mowers, at this point I need to add the gas cans were very old, a couple of them were the classic metal one gallon can. It was one of those that gave me the trouble.
Walking, with several gas cans in hand, one of them slipped from my grasp dropping straight to the ground, it landed, surprisingly, directly on the bottom of the can. Instinctively, as it slipped, I looked down to see if there was any chance of grabbing it before it hit, there was not. This is where time really did slow down. The can hit the ground, so precisely, flat that a few drops of gasoline shot straight up and out of the can's pour spout. At the very moment one of the drops exited the top of the can my eyes were focused on it immediately, specifically my left eye because instantly I could tell this drop was headed straight up, on a direct path, into my left eye. This entire process probably took less than a half a second, but, to me, watching this drop, following it's path the entire way, it seemed to take a full minute. It was one of the more bizarre experiences I have ever had, time, at that point, had become ridiculously slow. I watched it knowing it was coming directly into my eye, and it did. The only plus side, to this process of, seemingly, an eternity, was it allow my mind to plan out what to do next. There was a water hose fairly close and I told myself not to rub the eye, hold it open, turn on the water, and rinse it out. All of this with the knowledge that this was going to hurt and sting really really bad.
So the thought today is I wish sometimes, as we are having incredibly good experiences, time could do the same, slow way down, and allow us to savor those moments a little longer.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Simply Overwhelming

Thoughts more numerous than can be put on paper, or electronic paper.
We are in the waning years of the most divisive, secretive, manipulative, corrupt, and above all inept, administration this country has seen in centuries. The ability of this president, and any of his appointees, to do the amount of harm they have done, and will continue to do the next couple of years, to this country is simply overwhelming. Never in our history will the next administration, no matter which party or how many offices they control, face the massive task and expense of attempting to correct, or at the very least, create some recovery from the damage of every decision made by this administration going horribly wrong. All of these costly failed, or failing, policies and decisions doing irreparable damage for the majority of the tax paying, hard working, public.
Correcting all of this must be done, the future of this country will hang in the balance. It will be the difference of the US becoming a stable country again or the result, of failing, will plummet us into a country that will more resemble corruption and disarray of Russia or Brazil rather than the US.
So the though today is I wish I had a thought to properly finish this blog but the reality is this country is in the most precarious position of my lifetime and I am not sure there is a leader, or leaders, with the resolve or the ability to help.      

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Facing Down

Thoughts as the week has ups and downs are on some of the downs.
As downward-facing dog, the yoga position, butt up, hands and feet down. Simple enough. Men love this stuff, if they tell you different they are lying.
As the world cup soccer tournament is in full swing and countries are facing down their opponent. It is curious when the world is involved in something like this, you have players who have no connection with each other, as do inter country team opponents who see each other all the time and develop rivalries. It is hard to face down another player, you do not play against, on a regular basis although one player decided, this week, to bite his opponent in place of trying to intimidate him with looks. Ouch.
As boxers, during the weigh in, facing down each other in an attempt to intimidate their rival. Sometimes their is nothing more than winning or losing at stake and sometimes there is a belt at stake.
As this brings me to a belt. Yes a belt. Surely most of you have seen the downward facing belt. This is a belt most men wear to hold up their pants. I have seen a lot of this lately as our population becomes increasingly obese. You have this, usually male, person, but not limited to males, with this large belly, similar to a woman who is about eight months pregnant or, maybe, six months overdue. When he puts this belt around his pants his stomach is so large that after he buckles the belt and removes his hands it, the belt buckle, immediately flips downward facing the ground. In some cases it disappears in the folds of fat completely.
So the thought today is if your belt is facing down your body is probably trying to send you a signal, that unfortunately, you will not notice, but those around you do. Ouch.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

You Can Lead A Horse To Water And Get No Credit

Thoughts easing through the week are on disappearing opportunity.
As we watch the news and see the rapidly deteriorating conditions, become worse everyday, in Iraq and Afghanistan it is incredibly sad for many reasons.
The regular citizens trying to live their lives and feed their families day to day, caught in the middle, most, with no ability to escape the violence.
The military and police, not the same entities as we know them in the US, many of whom were trained by the US, all to quickly abandoning their posts. The best training in the world cannot translate into commitment and self worth.
The incredible advancements and opportunities for the women of these countries, especially Iraq, that are very quickly disappearing.
The ability to vote and have some say, no matter how small the voice, in how a country is run. This is something the US is starting to forget as fewer and fewer of us go the polls for our election process.
The disappointment for the leaders, of these countries, and their chance to create a better future for themselves only to watch it come completely apart as soon as we pull out.
The knowledge realizing, on the world stage, we receive nothing but condemnation and criticism.
The waste of US lives for countries who put little or no value on life.
So the thought today is no matter your view on the circumstances that lead up to these countries having the opportunity, we absolutely put them in a position to create a better life for all of their people, and sadly they failed miserably.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Don't Do It Don't Do It

Thoughts preparing for lunch today are on first reactions.
There are times in our lives when we react to things too quickly, everyone does. It is part of the learning and growing process that teaches us, sometimes this is not the best course of action. Most people figure this out, the ones that do not tend to have problems with jobs and relationships as the move into adulthood.
Sometimes reactions are physical, as when we are startled by something and flinch or move away quickly. As I talk about, often, this is human nature, we all do it.
But today the post is about trying to stop yourself physically from an instinctive act, as your brain is telling your body, don't do it, don't do it, thus avoiding the first reaction. This is a much more difficult thing than one imagines.
I was preparing lunch, at work, the other day and, as I do with quite a few food dishes, went to add a little hot sauce to it, not just any hot sauce but Sriracha sauce. If you are not familiar with this product it is not just hot but very hot, you have to limit the amount you add or all you will taste is the hot sauce.
I have it in a different bottle, than it comes in, as I dropped the original bottle, one day, and broke the top. This day, when I popped the top on the sauce it erupted out of the cap in a mini explosion all over my fingers. Here is where the problem came in.
It is food, I am hungry, having just sat down for lunch, and the first physical and instinctive reaction was to raise my hand up and lick the sauce from my fingers. WAIT, no, no, my brain was shouting as my hand headed for my mouth. This sauce, in small amounts is good, but licking a pretty good size spill from my fingers would most certainly have given my taste buds a shock they would, probably, not enjoy as the heat from even a drop, eaten directly, is quite hot.
My brain did, in the nick of time, override my hand and I stopped just before short circuiting all of my taste buds for the rest of lunch.    
So the thought today is in life sometimes it is best to avoid the first reaction, even when you are talking about something as mundane as taste buds.