Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Thoughts deicing as the week moves on are on trying to understand.
On my way to work, to the right of the first stop sign I come to every morning, there is a yard that for years, on their flag pole, has always flown the American flag and below it a Confederate battle flag. I doubt the family living there has any idea the Confederate flag, they fly, is not the flag of the Confederate States of America, nor would they probably care.
Today the only people flying the Confederate battle flag are doing it for only one reason and that reason is to antagonize the population, aimed mainly at the black population, around them who pass by this flag. The family may try to give some obscure, out dated, bogus family history reason for flying this flag but in today's world there is simply no other truthful reason.
A few months ago I noticed the family working on a cement form not far from the flag pole and, as the days went by, they erected a large cross in their yard beside the flagpole. This was no hastily put together scrap wood cross/post, it was a well made painted wood cross set in a nice cement platform. They took their time and did a good job on it.
Puzzling, to me, is after seeing the finished product and guessing these must be some deeply religious people, to put an eight foot cross in their front yard, I am having trouble grasping their justification of what religion might be. Religion, any religion, should be based on doing the right thing, kindness, compassion, and understanding, I realize this has been completely bastardized in the world we now live in but those should be the basis of any religion. The family, flying this Confederate battle flag, know good and well half, or more, of the people living in our area are offended by this flag, yet they fly it. I am sure, if I were to ask them, and I have no intention of doing that, they would be able to justify it in some convoluted way. I pass by this flag and this cross everyday and it reminds me, everyday, people can always justify anything, no matter how right or how wrong something is, if it is something they have decided they want to do.
So the thought today is I guess this a part of human nature, albeit a very sad part.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

You Are Facing The Wrong Way

Thoughts as we try to dodge snowmagedan are on the beach.
Recently I was perusing beach websites looking for sun and bikini clad women. When I travel it is usually south to the Caribbean, or Gulf areas and occasionally making it to the west coast. You get the beach goers soaking up sun, watching and listening to the waves but, there was another practice I had not noticed until the other day. When people are around a pool they will generally move around the pool deck to get the best position to soak up the sun though usually still facing the pool, for better viewing, you understand. On the beaches I have visited, almost always, people face toward the water and the waves.
Well not long ago I stumbled upon a webcam based near Miami, the cam faced the Atlantic looking dead east. Looking at the cam, late one day, I saw something I have never witnessed or experienced on a beach before. The sunbathers were facing away from the waves to catch the late afternoon sun, some going so far as to build a shelter behind them completely blocking any view of the water.
I understand the reasoning, they were blocking the wind, but to face so completely away from the water is something I have never done and do not remember ever seeing. I have been on east coast beaches, in the New England area, but have never seen this. Is this a southern thing, I do not know. The only thing I do know, on this subject, is, it looks very odd. The thought of looking away from the surf and the horizon makes me want to say to people, you are facing the wrong way the beauty is behind you.
So the thought today is I guess people will do strange things, the young ones chasing a perfect tan and the old ones in search of that perfect beef jerky look, so who am I to say what direction they should face.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Pick And Choose Free Speach

Thoughts ending an ugly week in Europe are on speech.
In the US we have free speech, or so we are told. We do not.
If you are a white person, with anything to loose, and you say something derogatory about a black person, or the black race, you will be crucified by the media publicly and, as we have seen time and time again, will loose such things as jobs, money, ownership and on and on.
The media claims the right to free speech when they print or report something they probably should not have reported. One that comes to mind was the article written about our government being able to monitor many of the terrorists' cell phones, after the article was published the cell phones went dead. The media touted they had the right to print such a report because it was information they felt the public should see and they were exercising their right to free speech.
This is not to say the media is not willing to back up their claim to free speech, a few reporters have gone to jail, in the past, for not disclosing their source to a particular story. Those were the days, yes, when you had to be able to back up your story with a witness or FACTS.
The problem is today there is no conviction to many of the media outlets. They pick and choose what they want their audience to see based on the media's ownership beliefs, religious, political, whatever it may be. The issue is some things like the cartoon of Mohammad in Charlie Hebdo should have been published by all of the US media, the image is something the people needed to see in order to help understand just how insane the people are who would perpetrate such violence over a drawing. All of the US media outlets carried the story, very few reproduced the drawing as part of their story. They can give any reason they want, for not printing or showing the drawing, none of them will fly if they are truly believers in free speech all of them would have not hesitated a second about reproducing the drawing.
What cowards many of the media outlets are although, I am sure they would have some politically correct excuse prepared to explain their position.
So the thought today is in this country of free speech all of us have to be aware that it means something different even to those who claim to make their living based on it.

Monday, January 12, 2015

I Want To Thank

Thoughts early in the week, and year, are on the entertainment world.
Last night as I flipped channels, mindlessly numbing my brain and preparing it for sleep, I came across the Golden Globes. I understand this industry employs a lot of people and generates income and revenue for countless businesses across the country, and world, but the endless stream of award shows and never ending acceptance speeches are          .  At this point, in this blog, I am struggling to put a one word ending to the previous sentence, there are so many words but not just one I can use to cover my thoughts.
Let me explain.
I know there are other industries that give out awards, though no where near the number, of awards, as the varying entertainment industries, television, movie, music, and so on. These shows all add up to countless numbers of acceptance speeches. The, I want to thank speeches range from ones who name every person they can think of until the powers that be force them off the stage, to the ones who have imbibed or over medicated a little too much early in the day and are just about incoherent, and the ones who want to use this stage as a platform for a cause or to elaborate on the deeper meaning of life or family.
I understand these people are entertainers and their need for the spotlight, they would not be in these industries, or at these events, if that were not the case.
I began to think about the average person and these banquet rooms full of indulgence, excess, and self importance. The connections are blurry at best.
I know a lot of people who are important, who are strong, who are caring and giving in time and money, who are hard working, who are     , as opposed to the missing word earlier in the blog in this case I could go on with the, who are, forever. None of the people, I know, will ever have the opportunity to give an acceptance speech for an award, the real world does not work in that way.
So the thought today is if the opportunity ever came about and I found myself on a stage accepting an award I hope I would be humble enough to simply say "Thank you" and then continue on with the work life presents me.  

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

There Are Times

Thoughts moving away from the holiday seasons are on times.

There are times when everything works and things are well.
There are times when things are off and knowing why is hard to tell.

There are times when the path is clear and the destination in sight.
There are times when debris blocks our way and the light.

There are times when people are around and meanings are clear.
There are times when everyone around seems too near.

There are times when we are lonely and do not care.
There are times when we are lonely and in great despair.

There are times when we change and we need that to grow.
There are times when we need to reflect and take things slow.

There are times when in our lives we will not understand.
There are times when even the strongest of us need a hand.

So the thought today is as we make our way into another year seek help if you need it, help others if you can.