Tuesday, October 21, 2014

There Must Be A Class

Thoughts eating lunch at work are on going to the dentist.
As most of us do, I have been going to the dentist as long as I can remember. The process is necessary and most of us become accustom to the inconvenience and the occasional pain involved. What crosses my mind today is, as an adult the dentist, or mine anyway, talks to me while I am in the chair and yes sometimes with my mouth full of tools and from time to time his fingers. His conversation usually ends in a question and the amazing thing is he can usually understand my answers to his question, as garbled as they are, with all of his work going on in my mouth.
Simply amazing. Is it similar to understanding different dialects, if you grow up around them, as opposed to someone growing up in an isolated community and having trouble understanding people as they wander into the world.
Is it a secret class they teach in dental school that no one is supposed to know about except dental students. Listening to the finals, of this class, would be quite amusing. The more words the student can correctly pick out of the patient's speech as the teacher adds more and more tools and more and more cotton, the better the grade. There would, certainly, be bonus points for complete phrases deciphered during the test.
I hate the fact this class is secret because I think a large number of politicians would benefit greatly from a class like this as the majority of them seem unable to understand what the average tax payer in this country is trying
to tell them.
So the thought today is I think my wife might have taken an abbreviated version of this class because, almost, every morning as I put the mouthwash into my mouth she, at that time, feels the need to ask me a question.    

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Goodbye Goodbye Goodbye

Thoughts with summer coming to a close is on saying goodbye.
As we travel around the country, or the world in some cases, we sometimes encounter people on the same schedule or staying in the same place as we are.
You can meet the nicest people on vacation because most people on vacation are in a good mood and are in a particular place to have, well, fun. This makes it easy to strike up conversations and sometimes make some good temporary friends.
Eventually every vacation comes to an end and in many resort areas this can happen, for quite a few guest, at the same time because of airline schedules. The first few times, this happens to you, you are quite unaware of how this works. Here is the scenario I have seen, and experienced, over and over, it goes something like this.
You are at the resort, in the waiting area for the bus, this is usually a small van, to take you to the airport. There, as you are waiting, some of the people you have met and possibly had dinner, or hung out, with will show up for what is, in many cases, a different bus. This happens because different tour companies contract with different independent companies for their shuttle contracts. So, as the various shuttles appear you say your goodbyes and begin to make your way home.
You arrive at the airport, make your way through security, find the gate and there the same people are again, sitting in the gate area along with you. This is, most of the time, a little amusing. When the airplane boards, realizing your seats are far removed from the other folks, you say your goodbyes, again, as you board the plane.
If it is an international flight you enter into the US and as you come to the customs line you, inevitably, end up in line near or continually passing by, the same people as you weave back and forth, in the lines. This is, for me anyway, when it begins to get a little awkward. Once again saying goodbye as you gauge, what you think may be the last time you see them, while passing through the customs agent area.
At this point you truly think you will never see these people again. Everyone is headed to different destinations, spread all over the country, it has been fun but goodbye. Hours later, everyone on different flights, you arrive at the airline's hub. By this time most people are starving and you go looking for some food during the layover, by now a drink is in order as you will, indeed, be home and back to reality very soon. You finally find the place to grab some food and as you go to sit down, there, at a table not far from you, are the same people you have already told goodbye multiple times. This is always, to most people, even more amusing, but to me, at this point is when it becomes extremely awkward and YES at some point you will have to say goodbye, AGAIN.
No, I will stop there, anymore would become just a tall tale, but you get
the idea.
So the thought today is I know it is probably just my overactive head, that finds these things uncomfortably awkward, but when I say goodbye, I like to mean, GOODBYE.    


Wednesday, October 8, 2014

If I Get Like This Shoot Me

Thoughts as work happens through the day are on costs.
My partner and I are at work, as a matter of fact we are eating lunch. People who need something from a business do not care if it is lunch time or not, but, my lunch is going to get cold, they do not care they need this item. Do you have one of these, they ask, as if they are in a hurry and their lunch is getting cold. BUT we are not a walk in retail business, can you not see, I am trying to eat lunch.
At this point I have, kind of, lost my focus, this blog was not supposed to be about lunch interruptions. Let me get back to the story.
An older gentleman came into the shop asking if we sold this tiny little belt. A small rubber belt from some type of sharpener. We do not, as we ask if he had to have it today. He said, no, he had another machine that was still running. Looking at the belt it clearly had a number and a brand printed on it and our suggestion to him was get on the internet and look this thing up. He told us, quite in disgust, he had indeed done that and someone did have the belt in stock and for only two dollars, the disgust part, for him, was they wanted seven dollars to ship it. He had no intention of paying seven dollars for shipping and handling for a two dollar belt. We told him we could probably get the belt for him but it would end up costing more than the nine dollars. Off he went down the street to hunt for someone who had the belt, he felt sure he could find it somewhere.
This man was going to spend the better part of a day roaming from business to business, spend probably ten dollars worth of gas, or more, spend hours fighting traffic, and was not going to find anyone locally with this belt in stock.
I told my partner if I ever reach this point, in my life, with the complete inability to rationally see the obvious answer to a problem similar to this, just shoot me. Please.
So the thought today is I know common sense is genetically disappearing from the human race, generation after generation, but is it possible to lose it as we get older, or, maybe this old gentleman simply never had any to begin with.  

Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Secret

Thoughts as lunch time approaches are on confusing electronics.
As we go through our daily lives we use quite a few electronics, as a matter of fact, in the US, we use an incredible number of varying types and sizes. Thinking on this, even further, a stupid number of machines and electronics.
But, before becoming distracted and start rambling off an endless list of the items, we touch and use every day, let me get my focus back to, the thought.
The electronics we use in our homes and businesses become second nature to us after time. It is a lot like driving home from work and not remembering many details about doing it because we are on auto pilot, we do it so often. This is the same with electronics, we run computers, phones, and punch buttons on appliances, and machines without really thinking about it.
Once upon a time, sorry I could not resist that, I was visiting some friends and I arrived on a work day so they had all bailed to school and work before I rolled out of bed. Looking around the kitchen, after dragging myself out of bed, I found some good looking pastries and proceeded to heat one up in their microwave. Ah the microwave, they are all the same machine with similar electronic buttons on the front, unless you still have one from the stone age with the large timer dial, it is just a matter of finding the right buttons. Popping that pastry in I searched for the proper sequence of buttons that would heat that thing up and after a few seconds, success. Breakfast was in, heating up, life was good. Then, oh yes there is almost always a then, the microwave did not shut off. The time ran out but it was still running. I popped open the door and saved breakfast from becoming a charcoal briquette but when I closed the door the microwave continued to run. Punching a series of buttons several times, trying to make the thing stop, did no good at all. I finally had to unplug it, problem solved.
I somehow knew I had not broken the microwave and there was some button I was simply missing, or combination of buttons.
As my friends arrived home, from school and work, later in the day I brought my morning predicament up and told them about the breakfast adventure, at which point the young daughter, in a somewhat of a laughing tone said, "Dad you didn't tell him the secret". Damn, this was no ordinary microwave it was a microwave with a secret, who knew there was such a thing. So my friend walked over to it, plugged it in, and yes it began to run, looked at me and said here, this is the secret to shutting the microwave off. At this point, microwave still running, he raised his arm, made a fist with his hand, and gently but sharply hit the top of the microwave. It shut off immediately. They had been doing this for so long it had become automatic, no thought involved, turn it on heat something up, whack it when you are done.
So the thought today is to a novice, like me, without the secret, I was helpless and I cannot help but wonder how many thousands, or millions, of similar secrets people have, and do, out there every day.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Time Or The Difference In Time

Thoughts as we move through life are on the varying speeds of time.
We are told from a very young age time goes by faster as we get older, this is true, when we talk about years. It has been my experience sometimes the hours, especially predawn early morning hours, can last seemingly forever.
When we are waiting in stressful situations, such as hospital procedures, time can almost stand still with the paradox of when something goes wrong, and a life is lost, it is as though it happens in an instant.
Athletes and coaches say in certain sports, were a clock is important, there is a huge disparity depending on if you are the team trying to kill the clock for the win, or the team trying to catch up during those last minutes.
Most working people can relate to this time phenomenon during a work day. If you are in a job that allows a fifteen minute break, say during the afternoon, and your day has been busy and you are tired, that break will, in all likelihood, fly by ending all too quickly. However that same afternoon if you were to finish the work a few minutes before quitting time, say the same fifteen minutes, chances are you would sit there for what will feel like forever, although the same fifteen minutes, as you wait to go home.
So the thought today is in place of sometimes wishing our time away, as we all have done, I intend to try to make the most of the time I have left, the good, the bad, the fun, the boring, as I believe although time, itself, is infinite this is the only time I will ever have.