Monday, November 19, 2012

Wireless Phone Bills And Cutting Back

Thoughts to start out the short week are confusing.
Reading an article on the average wireless phone bill for a family I was struck by people feeling this is a bill they cannot give up or reduce. One woman lost her job and they were now living on her husbands' salary, a family of four, cutting back on everything they could. When questioned about the phone bill, it ran about $260.00 a month, three smart phones and one flip phone, she stated they had to have the phones and they would have to do without something else in order to stay connected. People truly do not grasp the concept of cutting back. You do not need these phones, especially in hard times, and if you just have to have them you certainly do not need all the texting and data plans, you simply need a phone for an emergency. This has become the problem, people are so out of touch with reality they think things like texting someone, updating their facebook, or checking on twitter while surfing online, are necessities.
So the thought today is if your family is struggling to make ends meet, no matter what the reason, paying for all these wireless services is a sad commentary on what you think is important for your family.