Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Ending Bowl Season

Thoughts trudging through the week are on bowl game halftimes.
For the most part I enjoy college bowl games even the smaller bowls, sometimes, produce interesting games. The only problem, I have, is the halftime for these bowl games are too long. They need to take a lesson from the NFL, even during playoff games the halftime is a scant twelve minutes, long enough to go to the bathroom, get a fresh drink and set your butt back down on the couch in time for the second half. Only during the Super Bowl does this change, maybe the common theme of the bowl name is the problem here. Halftime in the college world of bowl games goes on forever, especially if they have some, has been, live entertainer or group performing and if the weather turns bad and  it rains this really messes the timing up. I never knew anyone who went to a bowl game only to see the halftime concert by a celebrity or celebrities, it is a football game, let the school bands do a couple of songs each and get on with the second half. I have known women who have birthed babies in less time than it took to get through the bowl game halftime entertainment. If it is a late start time, for the game, trying to stay awake through the half is next to impossible, I find myself waking up during the post game interviews.
So the thought today is half time should be a simple halftime not an entertainment extravaganza, after all, everyone is there to see football.