Friday, January 18, 2013

Hair Piece Not Just For The Head

Thoughts ending the week are on my cousin's hair piece.
When we were younger, and already loosing our hair, my cousin decided to get a hair piece to hide his male pattern baldness. With any decisions made, years ago, we look back at his photographs and realize how bad a decision this was, there has never been a male hair piece that is natural looking in any form or fashion. Moving on with the story, when we were all young and poor we would travel together, he and his wife, my wife and I, we would all share a cheap motel room to cut cost. One evening we were settling into the beds winding the evening down when my wife looked at the night stand between the beds and ask, what is that. What, I ask, that thing holding the keys and wallet? Yes, she ask, what are they are sitting in? I began to laugh, that is my cousin's hair, I answered, she replied, his what? His hair. For those of you, not familiar, there are multiple ways to secure a hair piece. He had chosen a method that allowed him to snap it to his head with tiny woven in snaps, allowing it to be removed for cleaning or in this case for sleeping, all the while serving to keep his personal  items in one neat place on the night stand. He would unsnap his hair, lay it upside down on the night stand and put his keys and wallet in it, and yes this looked as bizarre in person as it does in your mind right now. It looked like some small mammal trying to escape with his belongings, as if it were trained by the cheap motel staff. It took several hours for my wife to stop laughing and go to sleep, to this date it is still one of the funniest things she has ever seen.
So the thought today is when you get older and you think you have heard and seen everything let this be a reminder there are always many more interesting and ,sometimes, oddly humorous things out there waiting on you.