Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Handicap Spaces

Thoughts careening through the week are on handicap parking.
I am not one of the people who go ballistic when they see a person, who is not handicapped, wheel into a designated space and bound out of the car. In my opinion, in most parking lots, there are far too many of these spaces anyway but if you feel the need to use one it is on you, not me. Making a judgement call here, you are probably a lazy, selfish person, who, for me to say anything, to you, would probably be a complete waste of my time, and no you are not in any more of a hurry than anybody else, so that is no excuse.
Having said the above it must be noted, the other day I saw something I have never seen before and I still do not know if I am angry or humorously dumbfounded over the scene. As I pulled into a parking lot a corvette was, indeed, pulling out of a handicap spot, yes a corvette. If you have never squeezed down into one or had to uncoil yourself out of the incredibly low seat position, of one, I can tell you it would be an almost impossible task for someone with a real handicap. Unfortunately I did not get a look at the driver so I will be forever picturing, in my mind, the endless number of possibilities of who this person might have been.
So the thought today is I can only hope that the person driving the corvette, parked in the handicapped space, is not paying for said corvette with their disability check that you and I are furnishing. That could push me toward angry.