Friday, January 25, 2013

Magic Fingers

Thoughts finishing the week are on the old vibrating motel beds.
The trade name for these beds was Magic Fingers. The vibrating bed had been around for some time, in the 50s, but it was not until a man named John Houghtaling refined the motor and vibrating system, making it fit a standard bed, that it became affordable for many motels to install. In the 60s and 70s these units were everywhere, and what a thrill they were for us young folks, daddy please stop at a motel with the vibrating beds, and get some quarters. Talking while vibrating was always good for some laughs. It was big fun. For children or adults who could not possibly enjoy the unique experience of the fifteen minutes of excitement for the small price of a quarter. These beds have almost died out, as we have become older, but occasionally in a small town, where time has been left behind, there are a few still in working order.
So the thought today is we have Mr. Houghtaling to thank for the memories and nostalgic experiences today, when we are surprised, and lucky enough, to find one of the vibrating beds in working order.