Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Online Dating

Thoughts, and with all the holidays I do not know if I am starting a week or in the middle of the week, are on online dating.
During the holidays I saw quite a number of online dating site advertisements. One of these was Christian Mingle but the ads look pretty much the same for any of the companies. The item that caught my eye was somewhere near the end of the ad, on the bottom of the screen it touted, over seven million registered users. As with many things in today's world this, to me, was puzzling. If your business is matching people with their mate, soul mate, significant other, you can plug any cleshay into this spot, it would seem to me your number of registered users should be small not large. With a number that large the perception is you are not very good at this. I realize the more people, there are to choose from, the better your odds of finding a match but I would hope, if the company was successful, the turn over would be high and the number of registered users would be low.
So the thought today is I used to think these dating sites were just another internet waste of time but I know, personally, several couples who have had this work out well for them so I guess I do not need to question the advertising decisions.