Friday, January 4, 2013

Politicians And Decisions

Thoughts ending the week are on making a decision.
The only important decision a politician can seem to make is the decision to run for office. Certainly without making the initial decision they could not get elected so for the people who get elected this decision is a good one, for the ones who do not get elected maybe not a good decision as they are left with much wasted time and, usually, a lot of campaign debt. Unfortunately, with most politicians, this is the only important decision they are capable of making. Once the decisions is made, to run for office, an army of people take over the campaign, political party members, managers, focus groups, strategist, and the list goes on and on, all the decisions are handled by someone other than the candidate. Once elected all the candidate's decisions have to be tempered toward those who helped them get elected and the new groups they work with, once again, the party, special interest groups, Washington insiders, committees, the list goes on and on. Well meaning people sometimes get into politics with the intent of changing the system but the Washington system is so broken they are devoured by it and sent home having accomplished nothing. Like any other problem there is a simple answer, it would be for the voting public to send new people to Washington at every level, IT IS that simple. This will never happen because the greatest generation, who knew what this country should be, are dying out and no longer have the numbers to impact voting. The voting public, today, is so dumbed down and with over fifty percent of the public employed by the government or receiving some assistance from the government people are very happy with the status quo. This is a place our country has never been and now with people becoming more and more dependent on the government we have only to look at the riots, strikes, and civil unrest in Greece to see our future. 
So the thought today is the decisions our current politicians make are very important but these are people who, once they decide to run for office, become incapable of making meaningful decisions on their own.