Monday, January 21, 2013

The Dying Print Media

Thoughts beginning the week are on print media as in magazines or news papers.
With the proliferation of the internet has come an astounding ability to read news, sports, and many other interest in, almost, real time. Without video or photographs the instant ability to write and have the information immediately available to an infinite number of people is amazing. This is, however, creating major problems for the traditional print media. Where, at one time, in large cities there were sometimes two daily news papers there is now one, or in some cases none. The local papers are trying to stay alive by cutting the physical paper size, using inferior paper quality, cutting down staff, and attempting to have an online product. The accuracy of news paper stories has suffered greatly because they are now in such a rush to get a story into print there is no time to fact check, and with that step slowing the process down the senior editors do not seem interested, leading to horribly inaccurate and sometimes harmful stories being printed. More and more news papers are resorting to tabloid or race baiting journalism in an attempt to keep subscribers' interest.
Magazines have it worse, as we say, get last months news today, there has always been some truth to this but until now it was a reasonable source of information, now, the magazine, has been relegated to a time killing option for waiting rooms of different types. An acquaintance, who for a time worked for a magazine distributor was told, by his employer, they were not in the magazine business but, in reality, were in the paper recycling business.
So the thought today is this ever changing landscape of information has made it even more difficult to, and we should always strive to, track down the truth in the information we seek but, as with fact checking, this takes time and many people seem to be like senior editors and do not want to take the time.