Thursday, January 17, 2013

Useless Gun Laws

Thoughts thawing out the week are on new proposed gun laws.
Once again, and the theme always seems to be this, our politicians can never seem to focus on a real problem, instead enacting laws that skirt all around it. The new importance of gun reform was handed off to one of the highest ranking politicians in our country, our Vice President, he and his helpers would come up with innovative new policy for real gun control and if he did not do enough our President would use mandates to take care of the problem. I need to note here, this could be any Vice President and President, from any party, in any given year, it would make no difference. We send these people to Washington to lead and be innovative to do what is best for us instead we get knee jerk reaction-ism and a bunch of new laws that have no teeth and worse are so watered down with vague language no one would know what to do with them anyway. Here is the sad result, for all the media hype and political posturing, by both parties, if every one of the gun law proposals is, or had been in affect in the past, it would not have stopped either of the latest tragedies because criminals or the mentally ill are not concerned or governed by laws. The proposed laws are very similar to trying to fix a self inflicted bullet wound with a band aid.
So the thought today is a continuance of, we, the voting public putting into office people who are incapable of seeing or solving real world problems but they are masters of creating useless laws.