Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Video Games and Movies

Thoughts midweek are on the knee jerk reaction to real violence.
Today, with massacres making the immediate headline news a common question always arises, especially when the person is young, about the use of video games. I thinking about the past when video games were not as prevalent or graphically advanced and what killings were attributed to then. The answers, and there are multiple, are a mix of things from the correct one of, the person is mentally ill, to a host of others such as cults, peer pressure, satanic practice, rage, the list goes on and on. I have never understood the successful use of the mental defense, in a trial, because if you kill one person or many people you definitely have some mental deficiencies, it is not a defense it is a reality. This brings me back to the video game question and why no one ever seems to question movie violence as an equal or more of an important influence as video games. If you have ever looked at video games, no matter how sophisticated the graphics, it does not look real in any form or movement it appears more like a sophisticated cartoon where as today's movies look and sound real. The movie industry has progressed to the point where they can make anything realistic down to every detail and the majority of movies, that become popular, are extremely violent and incredibly graphic. I have to mention, at this point, the news media who put horribly graphic images and violence on the screen almost every night prompting not only repeat visuals, for all to see, but also copy cat criminals.
So the thought today is I am not a gamer but it seems the video game industry is being unjustly targeted when the movie industry, in reality, presents the more realistic violence and reaches far more people than any of the games.

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