Tuesday, February 5, 2013

American Flags

Thoughts driving wind blown through the week are on flags.
Driving across the US, on various trips, I see more and more people flying American flags. The churches and schools with their standard size flags and flag poles to the car dealerships who try to out do each other by having the largest one in the city. They come in all sizes some made here, sadly, most made overseas, these days. I appreciate the large number of people who want to fly flags and are proud enough, of our country, to do this freely, because in some other countries it is not a voluntary option, it is almost mandatory. The problem, I have, is with companies and individuals who leave them out too long, past the point where they become extremely faded and in many cases tattered and shredded. This is not the way it is suppose to work, if you are interested enough to go to the trouble of flying one, take care of it or replace it. I would rather not see a flag flying than to see a completely neglected one. A neglected one shows a complete lack of respect not for just our country but also for the brave people, past and present, who fight, and the many who have died, to protect our country. Our flag has laid over many of these caskets.
So the thought today in this graceless age, we seem to live in, is have enough respect to, please, take care of it.