Thursday, February 14, 2013

Failed Businesses Not Exactly

Thoughts warming up through the week are on businesses that are not businesses.
We have heard for years about many businesses going broke and find out, after the fact, they are totally government funded. Most of these are in the recycling or the green energy industry, similar to the thought a few days ago. Today we focus on the business end of this waste of our tax dollars. The government and the media call these entities businesses, but they are not, in any form of the word, a business. In a business you produce a product or a have a service someone is willing to pay for, produce a product at a cost, sell it for a profit, ship it out, this is how a real business works. It is self sustaining, pays its' taxes, salaries, and overhead by selling the product or service. These government entities do none of that. They get our tax money, build elaborate offices and manufacturing plants, while paying themselves and their employees well. The problem is they never produce a product or have a service that is viable in the real marketplace. They simply burn through the government furnished money then shut their doors. These entities are planed and set up for this purpose, there is no intention of making a viable product. The unfortunate part of this is there are never any repercussions, political or otherwise and although they put it on the news, no one is ever held responsible in the end, with all of our hard earned tax money, once again, wasted away.   
So the thought today is the media and government will continue to report the failure of these "businesses" when they are nothing more than a way for politicians to line the pockets of their political donors or friends.