Monday, February 25, 2013


Thoughts starting out the week are on the sometimes, sometimes not, planet.
A few years back we were told Pluto is no longer a planet. This was disturbing, it was changing information from our early childhood, when we were old enough to understand things like planets. It goes deeper than that because we had a cartoon character, a dog, and what kid did not love that, named after the planet. Then one day some people said, no,we have changed our minds Pluto is not a planet and they changed all of our childhood history and memories without consulting us. Now, it seems, Pluto has moons, a lot of moons, far more than Earth, it all seems planet like does it not. There has been some online balloting, recently, to help name moons 4 and 5. The two winning names are "Vulcan" and "Cerberus" one from Star Trek and one from Mythology, quite fitting. Now, to me, it would seem, even if you are no more than a small ball of ice, if you are in an orbit and have moons, I am going to call you a planet, discarding the ideas of those revisionist history scientific type people. 
So the thought today is if we have no Pluto, what fun would a cartoon character dog be, if it were named "134340". 

Added Note: Pluto was discovered February 18, 1930 it will complete it's first orbit of the Sun, since it's discovery, on March 23, 2178 taking about 248 earth years for a single orbit.

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