Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Proof Again No Aliens

Thoughts streaming down through the week are on unplanned events.
Once again my argument for proof positive there are no aliens was played out in Russia. A completely unplanned unforeseen event, a meteor slams into the atmosphere above a small Russian city in the middle of nowhere. This area is not known as a hot bed for tech businesses or an area with over the top surveillance needs, but there it was as seen all over the media countless videos and photos of the meteor slamming into the atmosphere. With today's technology virtually nothing happens that is not documented in some way and not just by everyday people but also with the technology of private organizations and government technology in some form. Leading us back to the alien question. I know the conspiracy theorist want to believe our government can hide the truth, about aliens, but the reality is they no longer can, especially when it comes to events that happen in public. The facts as we know them point directly to the reality, there are no aliens. 
So the thought today is I do not understand why in movies and TV aliens are almost always depicted as superior mentally and technologically, far advanced compared to us earthlings. On second thought maybe there could be aliens and they are just not smart enough to make contact.