Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Run On Guns And Ammunition

Thoughts traveling toward the end of the week are on odd behavior.
With gun control hysteria sweeping the country I cannot help but notice the mindlessness behavior of some people.
People, who have never owned a gun before, are rushing out to buy one or more at incredibly inflated prices without any knowledge of what they are buying. this is a reaction to misinformation about, all guns are going to be banned. The huge number of new novice gun owners scare me.
On the radio, the other day, a talk show host had people calling in, from all over the country, reporting how much ammunition they could find in the stores and the cost. It seems people are paying two and three times, the old, cost of ammunition because they are going to ban ammunition. At work, we do business with an ammunition company, their production is blowing and going, there is no shortage, simply a media made run creating empty shelves. I have never had a need for more than one box of ammunition. If you cannot stop someone with a few shots, you do not need to own a gun, these untrained people scare me.
People are rushing out to get gun carry permits, some do not even own a gun, but you need to get a permit because they are going to stop issuing them.
Novice, inexperienced, gun owners carrying, this all scares me.
So the thought today is the knee jerk reactionism of far too many people, to what they see in the media, or online, without any thought, question, or investigation of the facts, is what really scares the crap out of me.