Monday, February 4, 2013

Yes Men

Thoughts starting out the week slowly are on yes men.
What a great profession, is this taught in any colleges, the standard vision of people hanging around the boss rubber stamping how brilliant an idea or decision is. Yes sir, that is pure genius, now where are we eating lunch.
I know for a fact these jobs still exist, we have only to look at a video clip of any politician and see the number of people following them around. The people following are usually carrying books, note pads, or satchels, very much reminiscent of old bygone school days. Another prime example, of yes men still existing, are some of the really bad advertisements on television. A company pays an ad agency a lot of money to come up with a smart, witty, inventive ad, and they come up with pure crap instead, the boss likes it, and yes men rubber stamp it, not telling the boss the truth because their job is to be yes men. This is evident on TV every day. There may be a yes man union whose job is to keep their occupation undercover, keeping their members' jobs secure and their pay high, we cannot have the market flooded, with yes men, the pay scale would suffer.
So the thought today is if your ambition is to become a yes man it can be rewarding but be sure to chose the job carefully as becoming a yes man for, say, an environmental agency executive whose job is to collect data on cow flatulence as it pertains to global warming, could come with a mine field of problems.