Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A Question Of Race And Help

Thoughts midweek are on people and organizations who help.
In the Memphis metropolitan area the population ratio of African American and white is about even, when you look at the population in lower income level it changes to a higher percentage for African Americans. This blog is not about why, that is a subject for another day. This blog is about those people who need help and can get help but, the help is almost always created and organized by whites. I am not talking about government organizations, they offer help, but a lot of folks fall through the cracks and need more than the governments' poorly managed agencies can handle. Everything from food to health care to physical help is available through many organizations and churches in this area, again, they are almost always white, leading to the question of why.
It is not a question of money, there are plenty of wealthy African American churches who, probably, help their parishioners but I see little else as far as organizing anything for anyone outside of their church. We have plenty of African American professionals, doctors, layers, politicians and the like, who should possess the ability and organizational skills necessary. We have African American charity and religious organizations but it seems many of them are similar to churches, tax exempt nonprofit entities, who are geared more toward spiritual help and not the physical help people need to get through the day. All of the above is not to be misunderstood as no one from the African American community helping, as individuals we have plenty of dedicated men and women who give their time and effort freely everyday to this community, but usually on an individual basis.
So the thought today is I am not sure I have a handle on why this is, and I can not help but think people in a position to help people of the same race, whatever that race may be, should be the ones in the forefront, but it never seems to be the case.