Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Children Playing Or Not

Thoughts springing through the week are on children and play.
I rarely ever see children playing anymore without the aid of some sort of electronic device. The pastime of playing in the yard or playing with friends is becoming a thing of the past, playing in the yard, today, means sitting on the steps and face booking  or tweeting, on your smart phone, with your friends. This starts at a very young age, small children begin with videos, move to touch screen devices, and on to smart phones. Kids today would rather stay at home and communicate through electronics in place of spending time with each other. This is leading to diminished social skills, with a lack of ingenuity and seems to be getting worse with each generation. I am seeing this trend in adults also, it is hard to get some people out of their house for face to face social interaction.
So the thought today is electronics may stimulate a child's brain and keep them occupied but it has limitations, it is a detriment to creativity because the child is restricted by the software and programs in these devices.