Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Flying With Knives

Thoughts midweek are on changes by the TSA.
Now you can take on an airplane, small baseball bats, plastic bats,pool cues,hockey and lacrosse sticks, ski poles, and two golf clubs, because everyone knows one golf club is not much good for anything. I forgot, you can also now carry a pocket knife, proving once again we continue to put the mentally deficient people in public office and allow them to put their idiot friends in charge of the country. One of the moronic reasons for this new policy is it will give the TSA agents more time to look for such things as bombs or bomb making materials instead of wasting their time with these items. In the first place, if you are are flying and have not figured out what you can and cannot carry on a plane by now, you do not need to fly, your stupidity would put the rest of us in danger if in an emergency situation were to happen. With the new rules, instead of having people simply go back to the terminal or throw the banned item away and continue on, the TSA, because of the new rules from Homeland Security, will have to physically inspect and measure each of these items making sure they are within the size restrictions, this WILL take much longer.
So the thought today is I cannot go into the dangers of multiple people, who are there to create havoc on an airplane, being allowed to carry, even small, knives.
I cannot go there because there are too many bad situations to begin to list, unfortunately the people making these decisions are part of this dumbed down administration and they do not see any of them.