Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Signs You Are Getting Older

Thoughts mid week are on getting older and, some of, what happens.

- More and more people call you sir or mam.
- For a woman, you walk into a bar or restaurant and no one looks up.
- Driving at night becomes, increasingly, difficult.
- Losing hair in some places and growing single hairs, long and quick, in others.
- Walking into a room, purposely, to find you have no idea why you are there.
- Taking more pills in a day than you used to take in a month.
- Finding it impossible to lay down and watch TV without going to sleep.
- Hearing about musicians or personalities and not knowing who they are.
- Complaining about how bad today's music is.
- And my favorite, your body begins to grow small odd things you do not want.

So the thought today is these are just a few examples, sadly, there are more.

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