Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Election Today

Thoughts voting through the week are on elections.
This is a local election cycle, for us, and this means there will be almost no interest and no turnout. I have, almost, decided to bypass these also. I have voted in every election for years and it seems whoever is voted into the local offices we get the same results, unchecked shotgun development with no master plan, poor maintenance of the existing infrastructure, new wide roads where they are not needed, and no widening of roads where the traffic is heavy and widening is needed. This has gone on for decades. Is there a real answer for this, I am not sure.
Today there is so much red tape, so many regulations, and procedural steps, involved in anything the government, local or national, tries to do it has, over time, taken any common sense approach to problem solving, decision making, or planning out of the equation. Politicians have become so consumed with working within all of these rules and regulations, in place of changing them in order to streamline the process and serve the voting public in meaningful common sense ways, I am not sure anything will help. We sometime send fresh new people into office and within a few months they get caught up in all of the bureaucracy and lose faith in changing the existing system and are swallowed up.
So the thought today is yes, I will stop on my way home and vote because to give up completely we have only to look at almost every country in Europe to see our future if we do not at least make an attempt to change the way things are.