Friday, May 10, 2013

The Dreaded Tags

Thoughts ending the week are on the tags on our cloths.
Some cloths do not have tags anymore, they have the information printed directly on the garment, this is a very good thing. I realize this cannot be done with some pieces of clothing as various materials cannot support the print. I have always cut any unnecessary tags from our cloths as they can be problematic. One day I was doing business in a company's nice office and the very attractive woman, I was talking to, turned to walk away and there were these huge tags sticking up from her collar, I have no idea how she could not have felt them but as we know, it happens. I called her back and told I did not mean to be inappropriately personal but she probably needed to put those cloths tags back into her blouse, as she looked too nice to be walking around like that. She thanked me and began wondering, aloud, how long her office mates had let her roam the halls like this.
Other times, in beach situations, I have seen nice looking bikinis on nice looking bodies and from the back side there is this small tag waving out from the bikini bottom, quite distracting. The worst cases, of the dreaded tags, are the see through cloths, blouses, or sexy lingerie with this large tag showing there beneath the sheer or lace material, not a good look.
So the thought today is, male or female, if there is a chance that tag can get out or be seem, cut the thing off.

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