Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Key Ingredients to Religion

Thoughts pondering through the week are on religion.
It seems there are just a few ingredients one needs to have, start, or be a religion. You need a higher being, you can call this higher being any name you choose, it simply has to be other worldly, all powerful, and all knowing. The other thing needed is a book, a book filled with stories, thoughts, lessons, and phrases, that can be read to mean any number of things or interpreted in any manor necessary to justify the actions of the believers. Money is helpful, to religions, but not a necessity.
Most religions are based on the same premise, be an honest person, be kind to others, and help people if possible. Unfortunately too many religions end up on paths manipulated by their leaders and followers inevitably involving corruption, the quest for money, and power, this is true throughout history and with modern day religions. Today if you are born into certain parts of the world you have no choice but to believe as those around you do, it can be very dangerous not to.
The premise of a religious war, or killing another person in the name of religion seems, to me, to defeat the entire purpose of what religion should be in the first place, this is a practice I will never understand but it is a growing problem in religions of today.
So the thought today is I rarely ever discuss religion because what you believe is completely your choice, as long as it does not affect me.