Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Hurry, Hurry, Hurry, OH

Thoughts midweek are on Florida.
No, not for vacation purposes but for head scratching purposes. Although Florida brought this current story to my attention, these things happen all over the country. It seems because of some, perceived, wrong doing Florida felt the need to ban internet cafes and slot machines. What they were trying to do was ban online gambling. In the rush to do this they worded the law so poorly it technically banned every computer in the state, that is right it is technically illegal to operate a computer in the state of Florida. I do not want to think about the fallout from closing countless businesses and the jobs lost from this debacle.
This type of rush to pass laws and stop specific activity never goes well.
In Tennessee they once outlawed pinball machines on which you could win games and get paid for the total of games you added up on the counter, this was deemed gambling and a hastily crafted law was passed. This law was, also, so poorly worded it killed all of the church raffles, casino nights, bingo, and many other ways the churches and charities used to raise extra money. The worst part about that process were the church goers, who pushed the law through, had no understanding of what was really going to happen to their fundraising.
Rushing to pass laws on anything always leads to bad unintended consequences.
So the thought today is a revelation for everyone, we have enough laws, what we need is a government, local and national, who is interested in properly enforcing them.