Friday, August 9, 2013

Aliens A New Theory

Thoughts ending the week are on aliens.
As some of you might know I do not believe in aliens, in the movie sense of the word anyway, there may be some form of life out there but it may be something we could not recognize, as life, even if we stumbled across it.
I may be changing my thoughts on this. Some of the things people do and say, today, are so stupid there is no logical explanation for their actions. I am not talking about politicians, media, or any group, but the accumulation of things we hear and see from some people everyday. Many of the things people do, you know, the hold my beer and watch this, moments, defy belief. We all know these people some of them are our friends some, our relatives, or so we think.
My new theory is, maybe, at some time in ancient history, many many millenniums ago, there were alien beings far advanced, compared to our world, who did manage to come here. As time marched on these beings, who look like us, lived among the population of humans and, here is the twist, maybe there was less oxygen here, than on their home planet, or some other vitamin or mineral deficiency and as the human population became smarter these aliens became dumber, from the deficiencies. It makes sense. This is the perfect explanation for the absolutely, insanely, stupid actions and thought processes of many, so called, people.
So the thought today is my belief on this subject has changed and yes, there are such things as aliens,they are the stupid among us, far removed from their galactic traveling ancestors.