Friday, December 6, 2013

If I Had Only Known

Thoughts with ice underfoot ending the week are on getting home from work.
Workday traffic is sometimes bad and other days worse but I saw an advertisement, the other day, that was a revelation, it was a GPS. Let me explain this, it was no ordinary GPS it is a super duper traffic busting GPS, and "thems" the best kind, so they say. If I get caught up in the worst "going home" traffic jam known to man this new GPS can, magically, show me a new, clear, trafficless, "that may not be a word", way home. I know this because they show it in the ad, so it must be true. A person stuck in traffic, he simply hits a button and this side street/magic tunnel appears and he cruises out of the traffic and he is home free. How sweet!
I do not know how much this thing cost but who cares if it can open up these new clear pathways it has to be worth whatever they want for it.
I wonder if this GPS thing could also open up some wormhole, type of path, to the Caribbean for some effortless vacationing without the headache of airlines or TSA lines, that would be even sweeter.
I am getting off track, the real question is, how could I have been driving these same streets for thirty something years and not known about these secret highways and byways. I am not the smartest person in the room but how could I have missed them.
So the thought today is I guess I could have saved myself some money, or made a lot of money, selling this GPS information about secret streets, if I had only known about them.