Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Data Breach Data Breach Data Breach

Thoughts cautiously typing into my computer is on information.
We hear it, what seems like, everyday another company having their computer system compromised. Today almost everything we do is done using a computer on some business's website, it is the way the world works now. This is, of course, unavoidable in a developed country and these data breaches have become common place with no end, or real answers, in place. In our depressed business economy companies are simply not spending the money on cyber security that is needed and it is difficult for some older CEO's or business owners to spend large amounts of money on something they cannot envision, until something bad happens and it is, then, too late.
What is a person to do? As individuals there is not much you can do.
A few steps you can do are, pay for a computer security program, use a password generating and managing program, freeze your credit if you do not plan on borrowing any money in the near future, use a credit card not a debit card and only us a couple of them not ten or twelve. The truth is as an individual there is very little you can actually do other than constantly monitor your transactions.
So the thought today is eventually everyone's information will be out there for all to see it IS the future we have no control over.